Kay-El_Frank Gratkowski:Darren Moore:Wil


The latest Laoban release Kay-El takes its name from Kuala Lumpur - the home of LaoBan Records. The record is a double trio album featuring Frank Gratkowski, Achim Kaufmann and Wilbert De Joode with the trio of Yong Yandsen, Darren Moore and Kok Siew Wai. Recorded live in KL in January 2020, this beautifully recorded album captures stunning playing from the full ensemble and tracks by both trios. Although it was the first time the two trio's had played together, each member allows the music space to breathe while being ready to strike with reflex punctuations.

Pre-order for CD and digital download (with one bonus track) is available on Bandcamp from July 24 and ships from August 28. 

Pan Mee by Yong Yandsen and Darren Moore


Following on from 2018's Towers of Silence, Pan Mee is the sophomore release for Yong Yandsen on saxophone and Darren Moore on drums on LaoBan Records. Pan Mee is an ode to one of Malaysia's most famous dishes. Done right, it is insanely good and made spicy, even better. The record is a balanced overture of spice, sweetness, savoury, sour and depth. Layered textures that blend to produce new tastes to make you sweat. Available now in digital download from BandCamp.

Year of Menace_Game of Patience


2020 will live as the year Covid-19 pandemic spread worldwide and disrupted our way of life. Year of Menace, the 3rd album release from South-East Asian-based group Game of Patience, didn’t start as a statement. Still, its release is a timely representation of our troubled times. The music crosses the comfort threshold with reproductive cells of electronic and acoustic particles decimating the staid state of tradition; creating future sounds for tomorrow’s sorrow. Year of Menace is electro-acoustic improv at its most daring and inspired and a product of telepathic communication between Yong Yandsen on tenor, Brian O’Reilly on contrabass and electronics and Darren Moore on snare and percussion. Available from BandCamp as a digital download.



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LaoBan Records is an independent Malaysian experimental music label. The label focuses on releasing improvised experimental music and serves to document a group of artists who have performed and developed together through exchanges made within South East Asia and beyond.


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